Norwegian Forest Cat

Also known as: Norsk skogkatt, Norsk skaukatt
  • Norwegian Forest Cat
  • Norwegian forest cat

General description

The Norwegian Forest cat is an extremely pragmatic breed that is capable of displaying affection and friendship towards family and children during certain times of day. A breed that displays a certain kind of mistrust in strangers and doesn't go subject to unique health issues. The Norwegian Forest cat must be monitored in its diet and its ability to interact with objects inside the house towards it is very attracted, such as aquariums. This type of cat doesn't have a tendency to meow much and it enjoys interacting when the matter gets challenging. Maintenance expenses are within average.

Norwegian Forest Cat in short

Aspect and attributes

Characteristics accepts by FCI:

  • Colors: red, fawn, white, black, brown, cream, chocolate, cinnamon
  • Hair: thick, silky, long
  • Coats: double color, tabby

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Costs and maintenance

The Norwegian Forest cat is a breed that sits perfectly within average as it regards maintenance costs. If we exclude the specific attention that owners will need to focus on this cat's inclination to eat excessive amounts of food, there is no other advice to be given in relation to other aspects. This breed's health must always be kept under control although, if we exclude exceptional cases the Norwegian Forest cat is usually gifted with quite good health conditions, while as it regards its coat one or two weekly brushing are required for its cleanliness and to remove dead hair.

Maintenance cost within average

Characteristics Summary

Friendliness and sociability

Affection towards family

The Norwegian Forest cat is a breed with a rather "northern" approach in this respect. This type of cat loves being surrounded by family members but don't expect particular displays of affection from this very unique breed. In this regard, the Norwegian Forest cat enjoys spending time with its family but without any unique activity. This breed loves being petted and sitting near its owner. Take these small inclinations as a healthy demonstration of affection and learn to engage in alternative activities such as games which this cat adores.

Moderate affection towards the family

Friendly towards children

The general disposition of the Norwegian Forest cat is not to be so interested in simple displays of affection. This trait could be seen a little as a disappointment by a child who is learning to appreciate the presence of a cat but more generally, it is the feline's ability to interact with kids that enables this friendly relationship to take off. The Norwegian Forest cat is a very reactive breed just like children. A fairly important advantage that allows to strengthen the relationship between them with time.

Very friendly towards children

Relationship with strangers

If the Norwegian Forest cat is "warm" towards family members, it is quite "cold" with strangers. This breed tends to move within its territory observing with a certain suspicion any unfamiliar people entering it. This kind of inclination of not being so confident around strangers never turns into a concern. There are no aggressive episodes even though the Norwegian Forest cat tends not to pay much attention to the curiosity it can trigger in a visitor. This lack of trust becomes an advantage when this type of cat finds itself outdoors where it can be matter of attention for less reliable people.

Low tolerance for strangers

Friendliness towards other dogs

The Norwegian Forest cat doesn't have an inclination to become any other pet's best friend. Its preference is for domestic solitude where it can reign as the undisputed only pet of the house. However this inclination is not specific and, provided that it is done early on for the Norwegian Forest cat introducing another cat or dog won't be a problem. This can be a way of making your cat feel less lonely during the hours in which the family can't give the attentions it requires.

High level of friendliness with other pets

Care and health

Coat care and shedding

The features of the Norwegian Forest cat in this respect are those of a breed equipped with a fairly strong coat which comes from its parentage and breeding in a particularly rigid environment throughout the entire year. Despite the length of its fur, the Norwegian Forest cat has a resistant coat that should still be taken care of through one or two brushing per week. The possibility of giving your cat a bath should always be considered although with a relatively low occurrence.

Low shedding

Easiness to clean

As it regards its main features, this type of cat loves sharing its day within the comfort of the house and adventures in outdoor spaces in the proximity of its home. These dispositions will keep owners quite busy in thoroughly checking the level of cleanliness of sensitive body parts of their Norwegian Forest cat such as paws and claws which can build up a decent amount of dirt.

Average ease of cleanliness

Health and diseases

Despite a very robust appearance from a physical point of view, the Norwegian Forest cat is a strong breed however subject to diseases that can have quite a quick effect on its body, and especially develop into a high mortality rate. Amongst these conditions there are diseases that affect the metabolism and that may be of hereditary nature. These conditions will usually become evident and develop during the first few months of the Norwegian Forest cat thus it is highly advisable to perform a blood test to assess the presence of issues so dangerous for its health.

Average level of health and standard illnesses

Tendency to gain weight

This type of cat has quite a substantial physical build that can enable it to grow to a fairly remarkable size and that will usually concur in providing an incorrect perception of its weight. The Norwegian Forest cat can quickly gain weight if not monitored with care in its diet. The tendency to engage in outdoor lifestyle doesn't help as the owner will need to be able to understand if the pet has access to alternative food sources outside of its daily meals.

Strong inclination to gain weight

Learning skills

Intelligence and training

The Norwegian Forest cat is a very pragmatic breed which in some ways mimics the inclination of the inhabitants of its country of origin. This breed is not fond of engaging in constantly different roles during interaction with the owner and family members however its intelligence and the traits in which it develops can be found in the ability to have a useful dialogue with the master, for example in moments of need or in the precision with which this cat approaches when it's meal time. This type of cat brings happiness to those people who want to live in a fairly formal environment without any particular shock.

High level of intelligence displayed during training

Inclination to bark or howl

Fairly efficient in the Norwegian Forest cat is its inclination to be precise and never out of place in being vocal. This breed has a fairly monotone and not to sharp voice. A kind of advantage that can be appreciated in moments throughout the day when rather busy owners have no time to spend on this cat's unique demands. In fact, these are limited to meal time or when the Norwegian Forest cat is particularly motivated to interact without ever becoming obsessive. An important trait in a cat.

This type of cat meows rarely and it when it is needed

Exercise requirements

Tendency to play

As it regards this breed's ability to engage in playful activities this tendency displays a double advantage for owners. As a matter of fact, the Norwegian Forest cat is perfectly capable of entertaining itself with different puzzles that facilitate its disposition towards a complex challenge. Therefore, not only is this breed perfectly capable of taking care of itself in this respect but it also doesn't require a particular engagement on behalf of the owner. The negative side is found in this breed's attraction to aquariums which is a disposition that will indeed keep the master as alert as a vigilantes.

Maximum drive to play

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