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  • Ragdoll

General description

The Ragdoll is accustomed to family environments and coexistence with both adults and children. The breed is capable of developing a great relationship with strangers and other animals, and it doesn't display specific health or cleanliness issues. Ragdolls don't have a tendency to meow excessively and only engage in this activity when needed. This type of cat has a remarkable level of intelligence and inclination to play, maintenance costs sit within an ideal average.

Ragdoll in short

Aspect and attributes

Characteristics accepts by FCI:

  • Colors: red, blue, cream, chocolate, seal, lilac
  • Hair: thick, long
  • Coats: masked, double color, solid

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Costs and maintenance

Ragdolls are a breed that require specific care but that however won't become an excess in cost. From this point of view, the breed sits within ideal range. The Ragdoll will generally consume fairly regular amounts of food for a pet its size, it doesn't have particular requirements from a health perspective if we exclude regular checkups. The weak spot may be this breed's coat. The long, quite delicate fur featuring light shades could require regular and specific inspections.

Maintenance cost within average

Characteristics Summary

Friendliness and sociability

Affection towards family

The Ragdoll is a type of cat gifted with a specific inclination for family life. This type of inclination is enabled by a fairly long list of factors that span from this animal's ability to quickly adjust to coexistence all the way to its tendency to engage in interaction with family members in every room of the house. Despite how this could seem problem, this breed's tendency to be inclusive in the interaction will never be invasive and will allow a peaceful performance of your daily activities.

Absolute affection towards the family

Friendly towards children

Perfectly integrated within the family routine, the Ragdoll is capable of interacting with great responsibility around children. This type of cat will hardly bite or become aggressive with its claws. The Ragdoll has a disposition for games and this tendency to be highly involved makes it an ideal pet for life within a family with young kids. The beauty of the breed is capable of attracting the attentions and affection of children who are always intrigued by the uniqueness of this cat.

Absolutely friendly with children

Relationship with strangers

Ragdolls can even become quite bold within the home environment around strangers. It is useful to point out how this type of cat tends to maintain a fairly available and open attitude towards other people without exaggerating and remaining confined in a decent amount of distrust when it is time to interact outdoors in environments where it is not confident and in which it is unable to move with ease and familiarity. In general, it is always helpful to monitor this kind of interaction in a Ragdoll.

High level of tolerance for strangers

Friendliness towards other dogs

In reference to the Ragdoll's ability to socialize with other animals we can refer to the same principle applicable to many other animals as it regards their ability to accept a new member within the family environment or develop a proper level of interaction with these in public spaces. This breed is capable of interacting with other pets if properly socialized towards them however, in certain circumstances the Ragdoll can become somewhat jealous especially towards other pets in the house even though it will ultimately maintain a great relationship with them.

High level of friendliness with other pets

Care and health

Coat care and shedding

Coat care for this kind of pet equipped with such a coat must be regular and carried out over two brushing session per week. An essential routine to enable the Ragdoll to get rid of dead hair which in a home environment can become a problem around delicate areas such as bedroom and kitchen. This routine must become more frequent during the seasons in which shedding becomes more sensitive over the year, such as spring and autumn.

Average level of moulting

Easiness to clean

Special attention to the sensitive areas that are more or less the same in any cat should be given when cleaning your Ragdoll. These areas in said type of cat can be located on the paws which are equipped with a fairly long coat and can therefore get easily dirty. Ragdolls must be thoroughly inspected in delicate areas such as the mouth after every meal, and the tail in case your pet is in a habit of going out multiple times per day.

Low frequency in cleaning

Health and diseases

Cats are animals that will generally be in great health throughout their entire lifespan. Amongst these there are some breeds that show a little extra weakness however this is not the case of a Ragdoll. This breed is capable of staying healthy but it should never be exonerated from undergoing regular checkups, especially as far as it regards diseases that may affect this specific type of cat such as peritoneal infections, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and bladder stones. These issues must be tackled in cooperation with an experienced veterinarian.

Good health throughout the entire life span

Tendency to gain weight

No issues as it regards a Ragdoll's dietary health and its tendency to gain weight. The breed will generally remain in perfect shape throughout its entire life and does not encounter issues if monitored with precision and balance as it concerns its daily meals. It is essential to rule out any chance of alternative food sources, especially if it involves low quality food that can cause clear weight issues as well as health ones.

This breed will stay in shape throughout its entire life span

Learning skills

Intelligence and training

A Ragdoll's intelligence is pleasant and develops during daily activities that include its family. This feature is specific in many cats but it is especially appreciated in Ragdolls because they are able of interacting in an intuitive manner with the stimuli coming from the owner and family members. The most amazing results can be obtained through a targeted reward strategy when the Ragdoll does something particularly high regarded. A way of enabling your Ragdoll to prove its skills and be raised properly.

Maximum intelligence level

Inclination to bark or howl

This type of cat has a tendency to meow based on the circumstances. These are fairly typical situations in a cat's life such as the need to gain the owner's attention when it is meal time or concentrating on the moment in which the master returns home after a hard day at work. We are talking about consideration that a Ragdoll will always display in a discrete manner with no unbearable excess. The breed does not abuse this kind of talent.

Average tendency to meow

Exercise requirements

Tendency to play

As many other breeds, a Ragdoll's tendency to play is quite pronounced and it pans out through fairly typical behaviors for a curious pet that is stimulated to interact. Ragdolls are capable of interacting with small objects under various circumstances which go from the simple and direct interaction with these all the way to more complex situations such as fetching an object. This breed can work out unique puzzles that are quite complex which qualify once again the Ragdoll's
high intelligence.

Maximum drive to play

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