Russian Blue

Also known as: Archangel Blue, Archangel Cat
  • Russian Blue
  • Russian blue

General description

The Russian Blue is fond of family life and interaction with the owner and loved ones. This breed can handle the presence of strangers or interaction with other animals quite well, provided that they occur through early socialization. This type of cat has a fondness for food and may encounter some weight issues if not monitored. The Russian Blue loves to play although it doesn't enjoy overly dynamic situations that may scare or alert it. Maintenance costs are within an ideal average.

Russian Blue in short

Aspect and attributes

Characteristics accepts by FCI:

  • Colors: grey, blue, silver
  • Hair: thick, silky, short
  • Coats: double coated

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Costs and maintenance

Maintenance cost for a Russian Blue sit on an ideal average. This breed doesn't display any noteworthy health issue therefore there will only be the need for regular vet visits with a trusted professional and it also doesn't have a tendency to eat large amounts of food if well monitored. The more distinctive aspect relating to maintenance expense for a Russian Blue will obviously relate to its coat, but with a patient owner this cat can preserve its amazing beauty with little need for action.

Maintenance cost within average

Characteristics Summary

Friendliness and sociability

Affection towards family

The Russian Blue is a breed capable of displaying a level of affection quite above average within the feline world. This type of cat relies on the owner's attention throughout the entire day. The Russian Blue can perfectly adapt to cohabitation with other family members and its strong curiosity towards them contributes to quite a special bond which strengthen throughout this breed's entire life. The Russian Blue's demands of affection are quite pretentious. Therefore, learn not to ignore your cat.

Very affectionate towards family

Friendly towards children

As with all other human beings, the Russian Blue is capable of establishing a special bond even with children, provided that they are able to understand the level of interaction they must maintain. The never-ending curiosity of this type of cat is a motivation to interact with kids which allows the Russian Blue to adjust to their same wavelength both when it is time to play and when it's time to relax during the day.

Very friendly towards children

Relationship with strangers

This is not a breed capable of engaging in high levels of interaction with a stranger. In general, a Russian Blue moves with certain moderation within many environments when having to interact with strangers however this mainly depends on how the cat was raised. Due to behavioral traits, the Russian Blue can have a tendency to develop fear if the encounter with the person involves traumatic events.

Low tolerance for strangers

Friendliness towards other dogs

The great degree of self-control in the Russian Blue works towards its integration with other pets which may even be quite lively or on the edge of aggressiveness. The response of the Russian Blue is quick and features adjustment as well as an easy establishment of complicity in the interaction. This kind of interaction should always be developed gradually and through specific socialization that allows the cat to know the pets it will be socializing with very well.

Very friendly with other pets

Care and health

Coat care and shedding

The Russian Blue doesn't have any issues in this respect. This breed is equipped with a strong and resistant coat. Nevertheless, this feature is always linked to the attention of a consistently mindful owner. The uniqueness of the fur of a Russian Blue constantly requires plenty of care, especially in regards to cleaning processes. Particularly thoughtful owners won't simply limit themselves to random brushing, but will take advantage of every moment to thoroughly inspect their pet's fur.

Relatively low level of shedding

Easiness to clean

In relation to cleanliness, the Russian Blue doesn't have special requirements other than the regular inspection. This breed is not really fond of being outdoors and this inclination is certainly an advantage when assessing cleanliness requirements. Obviously, there is still a need to clean and specifically inspect areas such as the mouth and paws, especially to prevent an unnatural and pronounced growth of the Russian Blue's claws. Needless to say how important it is to inspect the coat of such a beautiful cat.

Average ease of cleanliness

Health and diseases

Keeping a Russian Blue healthy doesn't involve any issues worthy of mention. This breed maintains a perfect health state throughout its entire life and it doesn't have a tendency to develop defects or severe diseases. Care from the owner shouldn't lack, especially in relation to this breed's diet which should never exceed the standard quantities as the Russian Blue can gain weight quite drastically over a short period of time.

Good health throughout the entire life span

Tendency to gain weight

The Achilles heel of the Russian Blue. This type of cat must absolutely be limited in its chance of accessing alternative food sources. In this respect, the Russian Blue can quickly accumulate excess weight especially if fed with poor quality food and in large quantities. This targeted monitoring should also be balanced with a regular schedule for set meals as, if not fed punctually this breed can come to the decision of resolving the issue on its own by finding other food sources.

Strong inclination to gain weight

Learning skills

Intelligence and training

The intelligence of the Russian Blue is stimulated by its great curiosity towards interaction. Another reason to push on the accelerator as it regards this aspect. This type of cat can respond better to certain commands from the owner if its daily routine is based on a high level of interaction between them. A decisive aspect that enables the Russian Blue to develop typical features and constantly seek new activities to take on with the owner. A compelling kind of intelligence.

High level of intelligence

Inclination to bark or howl

There are certain key moments that may get a Russian Blue to meow in order to gain the owner's attention. One of these is when the cat moves around to remind the master it is time to be fed. This is a fundamental aspect of a Russian Blue's everyday life that can resort to meowing as the only response for a variety of different situations. This is why plenty of consistency is always advised in this regard. Other than this, the Russian Blue is a fairly calm cat breed.

Fairly low tendency to meow

Exercise requirements

Tendency to play

Playing with a cat is always pleasant however, the Russian Blue is not really fond of engaging in this kind of activity under certain circumstances. For example, if this type of feline finds itself having to play with extremely lively children it may develop inadequate behaviors. In fact, many activities with kids may become a danger due to fear or excessive alert on behalf of the cat. Obviously, this can then have consequences on the child's well being if the Russian Blue feels threatened.

Average inclination to play

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